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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am a certified birth doula. I provide Comprehensive Doula support and advocacy for mom and birth partners in Polk County and surrounding areas, from pregnancy, birth and labor through postpartum.

Who We Are

BluRose Doula service is a professional service that provides expectant parents with emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. The service is run by an experienced and certified doula who has passion for empowering new parents and ensuring positive birth experiences. BlueRose Doula Service offers personalized care tailored to each family needs, including education, prenatal visits, labor support, and postpartum assistance. Our services also include additional support such as breastfeeding coaching, meal preparation, and household needs. The aim of BluRose Doula Service is to ensure that new parents are confident, informed, and well-supported during one of the most important and transformative experiences of their lives.


Before becoming your doula, let us chat to ensure we are a perfect fit. This 30min-1 hour consultation will give us time to discuss the services I provide; discuss your plans for your birth and how I can help you have an amazing birthing experience.
I book on a first come, first serve basis.

August 2024 OPEN




2 Virtual supports per month

Birth Services

Doula Services

A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support to  you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.


Your doula will visit you in the hospital or home shortly after birth. She help families navigation this season of parenthood by providing help with physical and emotional recovery during the postpartum period. will make sure that you feel comfortable with your healing and childcare abilities. She can also assist with lactation advise.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation can help with pain, healing, energy, hair loss, mood swings, milk supply and so much more.

Yoni Herbs

Yoni Steams after birth brings nourishing heat, supports the body to release fluids and aids the womb in shrinking back to pre-pregnancy size. Postpartum herbal steams help all the fluids of birth have flowed out of the body. 

Soap/ Lotion

Breastmilk Soap is known to have natural antibacterial properties that heal you skin! It can be used to clear eczema, diaper rash, relieves itching, pain from insect bites/ stings, nourishing and hydrates the skin.


Winter Haven, FL

"Thank you for everything. It was an experience I will say, but it was a great experience at that, working with you although it was short time. You are an amazing doula and very knowledgeable" If I had to do it all again, I would chose you to be my doula"

Lakeland, FL

" Thank you so much Ashley, You made sure I had an amazing home birth experience and was there every step of the way" 

Winter Haven, FL

When I met Ashley she was very welcoming and friendly, She helped me feel very confident in myself when it came to giving birth because she educated me and gave me tips that I could use during the process. During my labor and delivery she treated me like family. She advocated for me, comforted me the entire way through, and made sure my experience was one to
remember, I will definitely be using her again in the future. 
-Ebone R.

Bartow, FL

Ashley was the best person I could have gotten for a doula, she was kind, have an amazing attitude all the time, knew how to have a good time and how to keep me relaxed and that's not even that. She was very helpful with teaching me stuff to help me through my pregnancy and labor plus answer all my calls or text whenever I had a pregnancy scare. I most definitely would have her with me again for this special experience. 
-Brianna R

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    470 Citi Centre St

Winter Haven, FL 33880


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